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Welcome to my website!

The Barbie Movie

Today, I finally went to see the Barbie movie! Oppenheimer isn't at my local cinema anymore, but I guess I'll be able to get it on Blu-Ray soon enough.

To be frank, this was a really awesome film. The funny scenes were hilarious and on-point; and there were also some seriously deep and introspective scenes. This film was good enough, in fact, that it's now on my Blu-Ray list. On top of that, it was SO memable.

If it's still being shown where you are and you haven't seen it, I recommend you don your neon pink clothes and a pair of Bermuda shorts, and buy a ticket to this brilliant film.

Levellers Gig - 17/03/2023

Well, tonight I went to a Levellers gig in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and I have to say, it was pretty fucking awesome.

My Favourite Things - 23/01/2023

Here's something I saw on Idiomdrottning.

Now On Gemini! - 16/01/2023

Hey, everyone. I now have created a manual mirror of my website on the Gemini protocol, hosted by the good people of Flounder.

Is Die Hard A Christmas Film?

The Bird Is Dead. Long Live The Mastodon!

Now that Musk has taken over Twitter and is planning to allow bigots and other arseholes back onto the platform, as well as working the Twitter employees harder and making verification a paid feature, I have decided to delete my account. From now on, my choice social medium will be Mastodon.

Every Green Day Album Ranked - 28/10/2022

Since 2017, when an old friend of mine played me "Holiday" on the way to school, I have been a firm fan of Green Day; and in these astoundingly tough times, a dose of Revolution Radio can be just enough to keep me going. So, now that I own all of Green Day's studio albums and have heard their B-sides, singles, and Japan-exclusive releases (as of 2022), I feel I can give my own thoughts on each of them. Hope you find it helpful, or at least interesting.


I finally did it! I made myself a website! The only thing now is to add some content. I feel like this is going to be a lot of fun!

Fuck The Tories.exe

There is currently a petition to hasten a general election in the UK in order to get rid of the Tories who have, since the 2010s, fucked the nation sideways into a full-blown state of ecological and socioeconomic collapse. The signatures are currently quite high, but please help us out nonetheless!

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